What I’m Currently Reading

I still haven’t finished Seeing, or indeed the 300 page book on Romanticism I picked up from the library a few weeks ago, although I am enjoying both. However, I just started reading Aiding and Abetting by Muriel Spark.

I don’t feel like I even did this on purpose. It was just sitting there on my library pile, staring at me. So I picked it up.

This book has really got a hold on me. I am rushing through it, and I think I’ll finish soon. The plot is just so engaging, I’m managing to keep track of all the characters and their connections, and I’m just really immersed in the story.

I quite often find myself reading more than one book at once, especially if one is quite long or I’m struggling with it. It makes me feel like I am achieving more, and I definitely do more reading when I don’t wait until I finish one book to start another. I’ve never had any problems with concentrating on multiple stories, so I’m hoping to make a lot of progress with these three soon!


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